The best jobs in Qatar and Doha

Looking for a job in Qatar? Doha, the capital of Qatar, is one of the most modern and rapidly developing cities in the world. If you’re looking for an exciting and cosmopolitan place to work, Doha is the perfect choice. The city offers a wide range of job opportunities, from oil and gas to construction, healthcare, hospitality, and more. And with its tax-free status, working in Doha can be very lucrative. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best jobs in Qatar and Doha. We’ll explore the salary ranges, job descriptions, and skills required for each position. So if you’re interested in working in Qatar, read on to learn more about the best jobs in Doha!

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the most popular airlines in Qatar. It is also one of the largest employers in Qatar. The airline has a wide network of destinations and offers many job opportunities for both Qataris and expatriates.

Qatar Airways is always looking for talented, skilled and experienced people to join their team. If you are interested in working for Qatar Airways, make sure to check out their website for current vacancies.

Working for Qatar Airways is a great opportunity to experience different cultures and lifestyles while being based in an amazing country like Qatar. If you are hardworking and dedicated, you will definitely enjoy working for this airline.

Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum is the national oil company of Qatar. It was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. The company is responsible for the oil and gas industry in Qatar. Qatar Petroleum has a large workforce and offers many job opportunities.

Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation (QF) is a private, non-profit organisation that supports Qatar in its quest to become a diversified and sustainable economy. QF works alongside the government of Qatar to achieve this by investing in people, enabling them to lead and succeed within Qatar.

QF’s investments are twofold. Firstly, they focus on supporting young Qataris as they develop their skills and talents. Secondly, they drive innovation and entrepreneurship – creating new opportunities for all Qataris to contribute to the country’s success.

In addition to its work with people, QF also invests in key enablers of sustainable development. These include education, science and research, community development, and protection of the environment.

Qatar Foundation’s ultimate goal is to build a better tomorrow for Qatar – a tomorrow that is prosperous and sustainable for all.

ExxonMobil Qatar

ExxonMobil Qatar is one of the leading oil and gas companies in Qatar. They are currently looking for talented and experienced individuals to join their team. If you are interested in working for ExxonMobil Qatar, then you should definitely check out their website for more information.

ExxonMobil Qatar offers a wide range of career opportunities for those who are interested in working in the oil and gas industry. They have various positions available, from entry-level jobs to management positions. Regardless of your experience level, you will be able to find a position that suits your skills and qualifications.

If you want to work for ExxonMobil Qatar, then you should definitely visit their website and take a look at the available positions. With so many great opportunities available, you are sure to find the perfect job for you!

Qatar Electricity and Water Company

Qatar Electricity and Water Company (QEWC) is the leading provider of electricity and water in Qatar. It was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Doha. QEWC is a public shareholding company with the Qatar Investment Authority holding the majority of its shares. The company operates through four main business segments: power generation, desalination, transmission & distribution, and water storage & treatment.

QEWC’s power generation segment comprises five gas-fired power plants with a total capacity of 5,664 MW. The company’s desalination segment operates eight reverse osmosis plants with a total capacity of 1.56 million cubic meters per day. QEWC’s transmission & distribution segment includes a 400 kV high voltage network that supplies electricity to residential, commercial, and industrial customers across Qatar. The company’s water storage & treatment segment comprises seven reservoirs with a total capacity of 1.65 billion gallons.

In 2019, QEWC generated 31,204 GWh of electricity and supplied 1,513 MIGD of water to customers across Qatar. The company’s net profit for the year was QR 3.2 billion (US$ 877 million).

Other Jobs in Qatar

There are many other great jobs in Qatar besides the ones we’ve already mentioned. Here are a few more examples:

• Event planner – If you have a knack for organizing and coordinating events, then this could be the job for you. Qatar is host to many high-profile events, so there is always a need for skilled event planners.

• Recruiter – As Qatar’s economy continues to grow, so does the demand for qualified employees. That’s where recruiters come in. As a recruiter, you will help businesses find the talent they need to keep moving forward.

• Public relations specialist – A public relations specialist helps businesses and individuals manage their reputations. If you have strong communication skills and understand the media landscape, then this could be a great career for you.

• Sales manager – A sales manager is responsible for leading and motivating a team of salespeople. If you have experience in sales and enjoy working with people, then this could be the perfect job for you.


Overall, there are a lot of great jobs in Qatar and Doha. If you are looking for a country with a lot of opportunity and growth potential, then Qatar is definitely the place to be. With its strong economy and commitment to developing its infrastructure, Qatar is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a new challenge in their career.

Qatar Airways

If you’re looking for a new challenge and an amazing place to live, then Qatar is the perfect destination. Qatar Airways is one of the most popular employers in Qatar, and they’re always on the lookout for talented individuals to join their team.

Qatar Airways is a world-renowned airline that offers its employees incredible benefits and an opportunity to see the world. If you’re passionate about travel and want to work for an airline that’s constantly expanding, then Qatar Airways is the perfect choice.

The airline offers a variety of roles including customer service, cabin crew, engineering, and more. So whatever your skillset, there’s sure to be a role at Qatar Airways that’s perfect for you.

Benefits of working for Qatar Airways include:
– A competitive salary
– Generous leave entitlements
– Free or heavily discounted travel for you and your family
– An excellent location – Doha is a safe, welcoming city with plenty to see and do

Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is a state-owned public corporation established in 1974. It is responsible for all oil and gas activities in Qatar, including exploration, production, refining, transport, and storage. QP’s operations are conducted through its subsidiaries and joint ventures.

QP is the largest oil and gas company in Qatar, with estimated proved reserves of 25 billion barrels of oil and 88 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. QP also has a large liquefied natural gas (LNG) business. In 2015, QP supplied 77 million tons of LNG, making it the world’s third-largest LNG producer.

The majority of QP’s revenues come from the sale of crude oil and condensates. However, QP also earns revenue from the sale of natural gas, LNG, refined products, chemicals, and fertilizers.

Qatar Electric Power Company

Qatar Electric Power Company (QEPCO) is the sole provider of electricity in Qatar. It was established in 1970 and is headquartered in Doha. QEPCO is responsible for generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity to all consumers in Qatar.

As the demand for electricity has increased over the years, QEPCO has been working hard to expand its generation capacity. It now has a total installed capacity of more than 8,000 MW. In addition to its own power plants, QEPCO also purchases power from Qatar Petroleum and QatarGas.

To ensure a reliable supply of electricity, QEPCO has built a state-of-the-art transmission and distribution system. It also has a well-trained workforce that operates and maintains this system round the clock.

Qatar Electric Power Company is always looking for talented and dedicated people to join its team. If you are interested in working in this dynamic organization, please visit our website for current job openings.

Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank (QNB) is the largest bank in Qatar and a leading financial institution in the Middle East and Africa. QNB Group has a presence in more than 30 countries across three continents, providing a comprehensive range of products and services to meet the needs of its customers.

QNB Group’s major shareholder is the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar. As of 31 December 2016, QNB Group had total assets of QR 637 billion (US$ 173 billion) and total deposits of QR 485 billion (US$ 132 billion).

The bank has an extensive network of over 1,200 branches and 4,300 ATMs in Qatar and provides a full range of banking services to retail, corporate, institutional and government clients. QNB’s international operations include subsidiaries in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Sudan, South Africa, UK and Asia. The bank also has representative offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

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